...We cannot read the darkness. We cannot read it.
It is a form of madness, albeit a common one, that we try...

mars: (1832x1858), 5.43mb

nowhere: (2313x1553), 6.52mb

overmuch: (7522x8017), 13.66mb

rain: (2000x3019), 2.40mb

ritual: (2500x2500), 8.30mb

sun-end: (3072x2304), 5.96mb

sunstruck: (6904x4607), 25.44mb

surely not: (2796x1675), 4.89mb

teja: (3000x3000), 3.17mb

the wings: (2047x1365), 4.33mb

toot toot: (3000x2259), 18.27mb

who: (540x540), 73.83kb

夜の光: (3740x3712), 4.30mb

折れた: (2560x1714), 6.99mb