...We cannot read the darkness. We cannot read it.
It is a form of madness, albeit a common one, that we try...

a backwards glance: (3840x2571), 8.96mb

ain't scare: (4800x2700), 3.96mb

angels: (2000x1334), 3.53mb

breathe: (2048x1378), 55.71kb

cephalofloraxis: (4500x4238), 6.30mb

domain: (4608x3456), 3.12mb

dragon's teeth: (3840x2559), 3.46mb

float: (2100x1500), 1.66mb

foreign: (4608x3456), 5.11mb

fuzzy: (4000x2250), 2.47mb

halikali: (387x456), 3.52mb

hello, friend: (2648x1080), 599.62kb

huh: (1809x1408), 3.30mb

mars: (1832x1858), 5.43mb

naval: (3140x2475), 2.57mb