way back in the mid 2000s, i was a tiny teen lump getting excited over an application called “phun”. and no, not porn; it was a cross-platform 2d physics sandbox, and it actually was fun. in 2008, it was bought out by a company called algoryx and made paid software. after much fussing about morals and values and things, i “bought it”, because the lasers and rockets they added were just too dang cool. this was all well and good, but, when i checked back a few months later, i noticed that the linux version of the application was starting to lag behind, and eventually it became clear that it was no longer being updated, but with promises that it would be brought back up to speed in a “future release”. this made me a little annoyed, because teenager with no money, but whatever. time passed, though, and it was never updated. finally, on 2013-04-17, they decided to release version 2.0 and make the application unpaid again. seeing this information, i hopped over to the download page and discovered that linux version had been removed, with no mention of it ever having existed.

at this point i was actually angry, enough to take drastic action… so i registered for their forum and wrote an angry post. something like:

“you make the latest version free for other platforms when i paid money for a version (with the promise of included future updates!) on a platform you’ve apparently stopped supporting entirely, with no explanation or warning. not even a little bit professional. false advertising. blah blah blah.” maybe overly abrasive, but not long-winded and making no false accusations. i quickly refreshed the page, only to find that only moderator-approved posts were allowed through.

two years passed.

then this morning i finally received a notice saying the following:

Hello shmibs,

You are receiving this notification because your post “Re: A Big Day for Algodoo” at “” was disapproved by a moderator or administrator.

The following reason was given for the disapproval:

The reported post has the only purpose to advertise for a website or another product.


here’s a song:

Flunk - Sit Down