schoolan agin


all busy again now; school started again, so computer classes (senior project thing as well as architecture design), japanese, and a fiction writing course. really excited for the last one, being forced to writing habit. we’re doing little 500 word exercises every week; here’s the first one. kinda cheesy mess, yeh, but it’s just a “write a thing out and go on to the next prompt”.

went to an in-person lang-exchange yesterday also. got all flustered. the chairs were really close together, so couldn’t talk with people to either side easily (like, turn to look and it’s kissing distance), so just this nice-but-not-comf-with-english-yet boy in economics the whole time, being really loud because everybody else was too. ordered soup and it showed up after everybody else’s things, so didn’t finish before time to leave but eh. then bunch of us went for ice-cream sandwich things. got all flustered and embarrassed trying to talk to this other guy who was really cute and bilingual-fluent and weirdly intimidating, like this “i know something you don’t aura”, so sort of just ran home. contact info with a few peeps, but nothing yet; maybe just pointless going, spending money don’t have, eh ┐(‘~`;)┌

reading way more again too, bunch of jeanette winterson lately. bus ride every day, two hours, so. first time seeing somebody invoke abrahamic symbolism for sapphic purposes :P

dunno, things are mostly ok for now. tune of the day:

múm - The Smell of Today Is Sweet Like Breastmilk in the Wind