css silliness


got annoyed with things not being able to handle the graphite-based font, so switched to another one and took the time to change around some other css things so now the background colour shifts and lots of fun writing systems are used. will have to add more over time. it’s kind of funny; everything else can be a mess but, if i can make computer-y things better it feels like it might be ok.

it’s been all rainy and beautiful over the past few days. was at my parents' house and got my little brother’s bike out of the shed. riding through puddles at full speed and having the back tire flick water and mud all up my back is one of my most favourite things. there’ve been lots of coyotes around recently, though, and it’s a bit scary, having to edge past them and hope they don’t get upset. apparently they’ve been having lots of problems like that recently, javelina, rabbits, more birds, weird insects they haven’t seen before; everything’s showing up now and eating plants in the front yard and garden. they’ve put up fencing, motion-sensing lights, and shiny ribbons that flash whenever they move, but apparently nothing works…

i'ma try embedding an image so i can style it like the videos:

pretty sure fishbot shot this picture; really cool wherever it came from, though.