abusing poor videos with gimp



so it’s no big secret that “prufeshnul vidyo” editing on FOSS systems doesn’t have much going for it. after a fair amount of searching, the only promising-looking thing i’ve found is cinelerra, and it’s interface was too confusing to decipher. in frustration (and maybe a bit of defiance), have taken to piecing together a poorly-designed video-editing toolchain from ffmpeg, imagemagick, gimp, and various one-off scriptable image tools. the upside of this approach is that it provides much more flexibility than any video-editing software out there. the downsides are having to hand-script all effects and having to wait for less-than-optimised pipelines. if you’re willing to put up with it (and i wouldn’t wish having to do this on anybody, honestly), the end results can be really nice. (and, of course, i’ve eventually ended up with lots of reusable code, so it’s not quite as tedious as it used to be).

anywho, check out muh art peyge for examples and things (everything there is made with these tools), and maybe give me a poke if you’re interested in trying these things out for yourself and want a pointer or three.

here’s a tune:

フィッシュマンズ - LONG SEASON Part 4