aggregative art


so for the past year or so i’ve been collecting screams. that is to say, whenever i was watching a video of some kind or listening to audio, if somebody screamed, and it seemed isolate-able, i’d save it as an audio clip. i’d do this thinking “these will be useful for making something at some point”, but without anything clear in mind. then, just yesterday, i finally sat down and made a little video clip with them:

pretty much all of my art-ing works something like this, saving random pictures, video and audio clips, algorithms, phrases and chunks of text etc because they “seem nice” and later, maybe two hours maybe two years, rediscovering it as the perfect thing for whatever i’m messing with at the time.

this collage is another good example:

for a whole year, i’d been saving screenshots of things here and there, either using them to show my boyfriend or whoever else what i happened to be doing at the time or just as a self-reminder. near the end of 2016, i realised it might be fun to put together a thing to remember 2016 and the things that made it up.

and sometimes i’ll use already played-with material as well. the backdrop image for that collage, for example, was made a full year and a half earlier, for no reason in particular, and had been sitting there forgotten ever since.

anyways, was talking to vi just recently and realised that this means of production pretty closely matches what my approach to art consumption has always been. things like, as a 12-year-old, having no idea what i liked and so reverting to wandering around the adult fiction aisles, pulling out books at random and, if the first page seemed interesting, checking them out. or, later on at 16 or so, finding random film titles in lists on random websites, adding them to a giant backlog and, that night, selecting something at random to watch (under the covers on a teeny 6.5x2.5cm screen), knowing nothing about it beyond the title.

in creating “art”, or at least my “art”, this consumption feels like an equally necessary step as production itself. or rather, the two are almost different words for the same thing. have been writing a book for a little while now, and find myself compulsively jumping back and forth between pen and paper and whatever novel i’m in the middle of at the time, or maybe switching to a new novel or a new page to write a new chunk of text, back and forth back and forth. and sometimes both at once. drawing scenes from dreams, or memories, or books, or films, or comments on somebody’s blog page; piecing them together, turning and flipping. like buying 500 different puzzles and trying to fit pieces together at random to see what comes out. or like going fishing and, rather than spending time focussed on a single line, setting out as many lines as possible, some of them not even in the water, and coming away maybe with a fish, but more than likely something completely different, like a carrot and a passer’s toupee that are just perfect for that snowman you were building.

or maybe i’m just dumb and boring and a snob ┐(‘~`;)┌

ps. one of the screams was from an older show and thus the sound quality wasn’t really good enough to be used, so made this little clip with it instead. loudness warning!

tune of the day:

嶺川貴子 - Destron