LaTeX for academicness


summer session over today. had linguistics an “multi-media systems” classes.

“final paper” thing for the former. the topic itself was pretty non-interesting (just empty blathering about IRC things, thrown together and no proper statistics-ing or anything). more fun was the trying to learn how to LaTeX a former academic article thing.

first step was looking up multicolumn stuff. at first found the multicol package and tried using that, but couldn’t get it to do floats. then realised there was a \twocolumn command for the base article documentclass and tried using that, but it could only switch back and forth on a per-page basis. so swapped back to multicol and looked up a sort of working way for inserting full-width figures using figure*.

then had to work out citation stuff, and decided on biblatex-chicago. it’s kind of messy to compile. you need biber (which is probably a separate package on your os) for backend things, and then you need to put together a separate bib file, add your citations, and run latex once, biber once, and latex twice before it finally finishes piecing everything together x-x

then had a couple japanese words to insert, so just switched to pdf compiling with xelatex instead and pulled in the xecjk package (helpfully documented only in chinese ^_^).

and finally worked out fancy auto-resolving Figure references.

commented source is here and compiled pdf is here

tune of the day:

Lali Puna - Move On (Baths remix)